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Jemin Jayapal
Jemin Jayapal
20:30 03 May 21
... The Black Seed Capsules are absolutely amazing. Improved my overall health and improved my skin and hair! High Quality products; shipping is quick and efficient! Definitely recommend and will purchase more
Argjend Statovci
Argjend Statovci
12:03 28 Apr 21
... Best quality products at cheaper prices. I would highly recommend their products. You won’t be more
Rukhsar Iqbal
Rukhsar Iqbal
14:46 01 Apr 21
... I have been using Faimos Argan oil and black seed oil for some time and have noticed a huge change in my overall health. The Argan oil has made my hair feel so much healthier and thicker and the black seed oil has made me feel so much more energetic. As someone who suffers from epilepsy and iron deficiency, I feel these products have really helped improve my health. I could not recommend these products enough! Also the customer service is impeccable, lovely company to deal with!read more
Salma El-sayed
Salma El-sayed
12:46 01 Apr 21
... I have been using the black seed supplements consistently for 3 months now, and I have noticed a drastic difference in my hair skin and nails. My hair has become thicker and definitely stronger. 100% recommendread more
Emma Ben
Emma Ben
11:05 01 Apr 21
... These capsules are great ! I’ve been taking them daily and already noticed a huge difference in my nails, my hair and my skin. Everything is much healthier. Overall Since I’ve started taking these capsules I’ve felt generally a lot better on the whole. Would highly recommend. 🙌🏼read more
Emilie Daniel
Emilie Daniel
11:01 01 Apr 21
... As an older person I wanted to boost my immunity against the Covid pandemic and friends recommended Black Seed Oil. This product was great value with excellent reviews so I bought a packet to try. I was not disappointed. The capsules are easy to swallow with no after-taste. Now I take one daily and feel much healthier with loads of more
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100% Pure Himalayan Pink Salt

Faimos brings to you Premium quality pink salt hand-mined from the Himalayan mountains. Faimos Himalayan pink salt is unrefined, pure and packed with nutrients and minerals. The beautiful pink colour is a result of the trace minerals within the salt. Pink salt has been formed over the last 250 million years and has been recognised as the most purest, natural and healthy for the human body. 

Cooking (Fine):

Faimos pink salt can be used as seasoning whilst cooking meals or for uncooked meal consumption. Pink salt enables high levels of nutrition for your diet. Faimos pink salt is also hand mined to ensure it is in the purest and cleanest form to be incorporated into your diet. 

Detoxifying (Coarse):

Faimos pink salt is commonly used to hydrate and smoothen your skin. As well as this detoxing with pink salt prevents muscle cramping and an increase within the electrolyte balance whilst also being a great aid to your body in order to deal with its toxins. We suggest using 450-500g in a hot bath to let yourself relax and let the pink salt do the rest.