What is affiliation marketing?

Affiliation marketing is where a company compensates affiliates that promote the company. The company rewards based on the marketing you do for the company. The best thing about affiliation marketing is you get paid in the products and services you believe in. Because you are aware of the positives and benefits of either the product or service and can ensure someone else has the same experience as you.

In much easier terms affiliate marketing can be seen as the process of spreading product creation and product marketing across different platforms , where different platforms complete a sale of any product or service and the affiliate receives a share of the revenue according to their contribution.

Why have we introduced this?

Our main reason for this is because we have amazing customers who always want to join us on our journey in different ways. Therefore we have realised that the best sort of a journey for our customers is that they are a part of us and also they are rewarded. This is the reason why we have started this program. We do not need to have this program in place as we know our customers and potential future customers love our products and will always return back to us but more of an opportunity for them to be a part of us.

What are the rewards?

We will start by rewarding a certain % of the sale to the affiliates and this will grow upwards depending on the individual themselves. We do not work with every affiliate as we need to understand why you wish to promote our product. For us this is something new and we want the affiliates who are passionate about our products to be involved. We will also reward affiliates with products from our store as we know our affiliates are passionate about

How do I get started?

Simple and easy do visit the Faimos affiliation dashboard which can be found at the link Affiliate Dashboard

You will register with the required information. The information you have submitted will be received by one of our team members. Once approved you will have the access to the dashboard.

Once logged into your account this time when the affiliate will go to the affiliate dashboard and will have full access and are able to see many features such as:

  • Affiliate rate
  • Total earnings
  • Total paid
  • Total refunded
  • Balance
  • Visit
  • Conversion rate

These will help the affiliate understand how they are doing in terms of their own marketing & sales.

On the right hand side the affiliates will be able to filter into dates and more information over the period of time for different information.

How to generate the link?

It is very simple and straight forward depending on how the affiliate wants to market the entire store or certain products. If affiliate clicks on ‘generate link’ it will give the affiliate the following details:

  • Affiliate ID
  • Referral URL
  • Page URL

It all depends how the affiliate wants to market the store or certain products of Faimos. For entire store affiliate can send the referral URL.

For certain products or a certain page the affiliate can enter the URL in the generator and click generate for a specific link. We do understand affiliates will only work on products they have used and this makes it much easier to them to land customers on specific page or product.

Affiliates can also share the referral links via social media making it easier for them to share the links on different platforms.