Hello everyone, welcome to our new website where we are hoping to introduce you to new content and a new experience making it easier for us to connect with you guys and allow us to show you our journey as we progress! From the start of our journey we have been meaning to present our customers with a user-friendly experience on our website but being a new small business this we have found to be the best time for it. As you are now reading this blog I am sure you have experienced some of the many new features available on our website. We have built this website to ensure all of our customers are much more engaged to our site and enjoy shopping with us. We have invested a lot of time in the UI & UX to connect further with our customers. You guessed it! We hope to be doing a few blogs monthly covering topics such as new products, information, updates and other various concepts we plan to introduce overtime. I know it is a lot to keep up with but do not be phased as we here at Faimos believe engagement with our customers is really important to us, we would love to know the opinions of you guys reading this today and this is the primary reason for having introduced this. Therefore, do stay tuned in becoming a part of our journey! The Faimos website now has a new cool feature known as product subscriptions. We have embedded this to ease the life of our repeat customers. This is an exclusive 3, 6 and 12-month plan where products will be sent out every month from the purchase date depending on which plan you decide to go with. There are exclusive discounts and most importantly we include free shipping for all of our loyal customers once subscribed! For our new customers or returning customers who do not wish to jump on the subscription to save plan no worries, it will still be the same process as before only this time there will be a charge on shipping. However, we include free shipping on any orders above £25 T&C applies. All of our current and potential future customers are now able to see our production. We have made a short behind the scene movie showcasing the journey of two of our popular products. You are able to see these exclusive videos in the about us page. We hope you enjoy them. We have also introduced a new page for wholesale customers. If you are interested in stocking Faimos please go to the wholesale link which can be found on the homepage top left. If you have any further enquiries, you are more than welcome to fill in out contact form located in our contacts page and we will be happy to help. Happy shop customers! Love, Team Faimos