Black Seed Oil All That You Need to Know

Black Seed Oil: All That You Need to Know

Black seed oil is extracted from black seeds, also known as black cumin and kalonji which is a popular ingredient used in cooking in many Asian countries. Traditionally, it is also used in many cultures as a medicine for many ailments. Its popularity goes back to the 13th century since black seed was found in the tomb of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh King Tut.

Even today, black seed is a lot more than just a cooking ingredient. For its amazing properties, organic black seed oil is being used by men and women for various purposes. Read on to know all about the uses of cold pressed black seed oil.


Benefits of Organic Black Seed Oil:

  1. Black Seed Oil for Skin: Black seed oil is rich in thymoquinone, a compound known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, cold pressed black seed oil is a great remedy for skin conditions like acne, eczema, and other skin infections. Black seed oil can provide relief in inflammation brought on by such skin conditions. However, it is advised to use this only as an alternative medicine with other medications after proper consultation with your doctor.
  2. Black Seed Oil for Hair: Organic black seed oil is also a cherished ingredient used in hair care products. It helps greatly with problems like hair fall, dryness, frizzy hair, and dandruff. This is why not only women use it as a hair remedy but even cosmetic lines are using this as an essential ingredient in hair care products.
  3. Reproductive Problems:Pure black cumin seed oil has been used traditionally for centuries by many communities as an effective remedy for reproductive problems. Men suffering from low sperm count can use organic black seed oil for a positive outcome. Black seed oil can effectively boost sperm production in men without any side effects.
  4. Black Seed Oil for Weight Loss: Cold pressed black seed oil is also a good addition in the diet for those trying to lose weight. Black seed oil has shown to have amazing weight-reducing effects on individuals who take black seed oil supplements. It has also been proven to boost the body’s metabolism. It is also known to curb appetite which is effective in suppressing cravings and indulging in bad eating habits.
  5. Diabetes:With the rising number of diabetics worldwide, concern for maintaining the disease better in the long run has also risen. How can black seed oil help? It has shown some great results in improving blood sugar levels in diabetics. It can also effectively improve cholesterol levels which is always a major concern in people with diabetes. However, it is best to consult with a professional since it can interfere with some diabetes medications.

Impressed by these amazing black seed oil facts? Then it is time for you to include this beneficial supplement in your diet too. To buy organic black seed oil, visit